5 Safest Travel Countries For Female Travelers

5 Safest Travel Countries For Female Travelers

Do you know the safest travel countries for female travelers? Solo travel can be an amazing and enlightening experience. However, this experience can also be stressful for female solo travelers who often have to be careful. A new study from Sports Cover Direct reveals finding the safest country for women who wish to travel alone. Other countries include Spain, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Norway and France.

5 Safest Travel Countries For Female Travelers

5 Safest Travel Countries For Female TravelersCountries that are safe for women are absolutely known, especially for travelers who want to travel or travel. The World Health Organization or WHO states that approximately 736 million women or the equivalent of one third of women in the world have been victims of physical or sexual violence. Further data was obtained by WHO from the analysis of surveys in 161 countries, from 2000 to 2018. Further WHO research included stating that sexual harassment was the most widely reported. As many as 6% of women are attacked by men who are not their husbands or partners. But don’t worry because the list below is the 5 safest countries for female travelers!


Spain topped the world’s target for female travelers based on safety and number of solo tours. The Mediterranean country is not one of the favorite vacation spots and has many amazing places to explore. Beach and idn poker lovers can head to the Costa del Sol or the Balearic islands for some of the best coastline in the country. Travelers who like a challenge can try the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, a pilgrimage that can be accomplished either on foot or by bicycle.


The second safest country for solo female travelers is Ireland. The country has several favorite destinations, such as the famous Emerald Isle with its lush green scenery and medieval castles and stunning coastline. If visitors wish to explore some of Ireland’s natural wonders, it is advisable to rent a car.


Austria rounds out the top three safest destinations for female solo travelers. It may not have beaches like Spain or Ireland, but it has the cleanest water in Europe. Lake Austria has the cleanest pool water in Europe and tourists can enjoy the crystal clear waters in summer. In the capital city of Vienna, tourists can experience the opera or enjoy one of the city’s famous cakes.


Portugal is ranked as the fourth safest country for female travelers. Most of the population knows Portugal for its football achievements. But did you know that Portugal is popular along with its attractive tourist destinations, you know. Starting from magnificent architectural buildings rich in history, elegant city streets to stunning beach panoramas


Meanwhile, Croatia completes the top five, and sometimes goes unnoticed even though the country which is at the meeting of Central Europe and Southeast Europe has a super beautiful tourist spot because of its coastline which borders the Adriatic Sea.

Elina Ilieva, Digital Marketing Executive of SportsCover Direct, said, “Traveling alone can be scary because for many it is a new experience, you are in a foreign place and adjusting to a different culture. However, bad things can happen in anywhere and this should not prevent people from enjoying a valuable experience,” she said.

The key is to track down as much information as possible about the destination, especially lodging. Solo travelers usually feel more vulnerable when in a foreign place. “Before booking accommodation, choose a place that has a lot of positive reviews. Reviews usually provide a description of the host, environment, and accommodation standards,” she said.

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