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Guide to Convert NSF to PST Manually – Absolute Answers

Convert NSF to PST: User Query: “My name is Emily & I’m from Australia. My organization is shifting from Lotus Notes towards the MS Outlook application & I have to convert NSF to PST by hand. Can there be any software to transfer our data to Outlook? I looked a great deal but didn’t find any software reliable & accurate. Please suggest the right means to fix transfer our valuable NSF files towards the destination of Outlook folders.”

Yes, we know your circumstances & several users also share exactly the same query. Stay with this short article to obtain the manual solution along with the innovative modern solution. This information has all you need to get your expected results securely.

Convert NSF file to PST – An Introduction

Lotus Notes save files in NSF format meaning Notes Storage Facility. It had been acquired by IBM & it is now a credit card application of HCL. Users are shifting towards Outlook for a number of reasons like better & advanced features. Security can also be better within the Outlook ecosystem. For this reason, a large number of users are going toward Outlook.

However, it normally won’t understand how to transfer their existing NSF files & face various challenges. Without getting a complete understanding of the software, it’s difficult because this operation isn’t as easy as it appears. Let’s comprehend the challenges first & then we’re going, to begin with the Convert NSF to PST manual solution as requested by Emily.

Convert NSF to PST

Challenges to Convert NSF to PST Manually

There are a couple of challenges that we will address. Although there are numerous problems that users face, ideas have pointed out the most typical ones.

Lack of Knowledge

Users all across the globe don’t have a proper understanding & learning of such operations. For this reason, they face difficulties in executing the job precisely. For that manual method, they must be trained first to ensure that their data could be protected from getting corrupt.

Outdated Software

The manual option would be outdated & has multiple glitches which make the consumer experience worse. For this reason, users get unclear about why the utility isn’t working the actual way it should be. Hence, they would like to convert NSF file to PST by doing this.

Poor GUI

New users which are experienced in today’s technology does not execute such task due to the uncomfortable Graphical user interface. This option is master of the most advanced technology although not using the original copies. They aren’t trained this way.

Detailed Solution to Convert NSF to PST Manually

Let’s start with the manual method first since the user requests this primary. We will demonstrate the automated method also to supply a better solution.

There’s a built-in export wizard in Lotus Notes that many users aren’t conscious of. This is exactly what people all over the world know as the manual method. There is not any dedicated software to do this by hand.

To begin the job by using this wizard, Open your Lotus Notes application & then attempt to copy the steps below:

Step-1. On the main screen search for the Open button & Click on It.

Step-2. Now, you need to Load the desired NSF Files on the dashboard.

Step-3. Go to the File option & Click Export button to launch the wizard.

Step-4. As this solution does not directly create PST, Select CSV format.

Step-5. In the final step Hit the Export button to start this conversion.

Now, once you’ll get your CSV file, you have to use any file converter to convert them into PST & then upload them to the Outlook application.

Drawbacks of Trusting the Manual Method

The manual method isn’t suggested since it has lots of gaps. Many of these disadvantages are mentioned below. It will help users realize why they ought to not go through this process.

Safety Concerns

Safety factors are the greatest issue here. This solution may either corrupt your sensitive files or else you may finish up losing them. Users can’t take such risks using their business data as data is easily the most critical asset in modern occasions.

Time Taking

You can’t finish the duties inside the deadline with this particular solution because it is time taking. You could have to hold back for hrs to obtain a couple of files changed into PST format with this particular solution.

Requirement of Lotus Notes

Users must have a Lotus Notes application within their system to transform NSF files to PST. Without that, you cannot connect to the wizard we simply discussed.

Most Reliable Solution to Opt for This Conversation Task 

After understanding the thrilling disadvantages of the manual method, it’s time for you to be aware of the modern method. The current technique is an automatic utility developed dedicatedly for such tasks because its experts use core AI-enabled algorithms.

Download the Safest NSF to PST Converter Tool to proceed & counter all of the challenges with ease. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully as this solution is better than the conventional method to convert NSF to PST manually.

Step-1. Start the Modern Utility & you’ll get this screen as shown in the image.

Convert NSF to PST

Step-2. To Load your NSF Files, Click on the button that says Add Files

Step-3. Select what Items you want to include in this conversion like emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Guide to Convert NSF to PST Manually

Step-4. Set Destination Folder Path & Adjust the Date Filter accordingly

NSF to PST Manually

Step-5. Now, Click on the Export button to start.


Advantages of the Modern Solution

When we talk about the advantages, the best thing is this software judi slot terpercaya can counter all the drawbacks of the manual method. Apart from this, it has several other existing features that make it the best option for IT experts.

  • The software maintains the folder hierarchy in the destination folder. Using the conventional method to convert NSF to PST manually won’t provide such a facility.
  • Another major feature of this tool is that users can perform the selective conversion using Date Filter & Category Filters to save storage space.
  • This tool directly changes the file format to PST instead of CSV files. This reduces one step & makes the process even more simplified.
  • The software comes with various features that are not present in the manual one like converting encrypted files with meta properties intact.
  • It takes care of security & protects files from getting corrupted by unknown sources. There is no chance that your files can be lost with this solution.


Q-  Can we perform bulk conversion with the manual method?
A- No, the manual method isn’t fluent with the bulk conversion, you have to execute the task in batches for that.

Q- Do we have to install outlook in our system for such a task?
A-  With the automated solution, there’s no need for the Outlook application.

Q-  What is the success rate of the manual method?
A-  Out of 5 users, only 2 users are able to get results. Rest 3 users suffer from data loss & file corruption when they convert NSF file to PST.

Q- Can we get the modern solution for free?
A- Yes, the modern solution is free for download, & the trial version allows you to convert 25 emails or folders.

Q- Is the modern utility safe?
A- The automated tool is developed by IT experts after understanding the needs of users. This is a completely safe software for an individual as well as business purposes.

The Final Verdict

Its not all user understands the current solution we discussed. A few of the users don’t know the manual solution. Users simply want straight solutions to obtain the leads to minimum time. It is extremely difficult to allow them to understand each & every technicality of NSF files & PST files. To summarize this short article, we will say the final word to obtain your results securely.

The manual solution works however it includes complicated steps & still provides only CSV files rather of PST. Hence, to counter all of the challenges & drawbacks from the manual method, we have to make use of the modern solution. It’s the finest option to convert NSF to PST by hand using the best data security measures.

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