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SaaS : Fastest-Growing Services In The Healthcare Industry

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Within the last couple of years, technological advancement has devoted every field. The health industry is positively adopting technological innovations to supply the patients using the best care and enhance their internal procedures.

For anybody or an institution running healthcare, the price of the operations is a lot pricey. Individuals who own and operate a healthcare institution would be the only ones who’re directly accountable for their patients’ and staff’s well-being. A healthcare facility management must adopt all of the possible means that they’ll make sure that the individual encounters in their hospital are superior as well as the working of staff includes a smooth workflow.

Hence, the hospitals will always be searching for brand new techniques that enhance their operational efficiency without having to spend hefty levels of money. For that healthcare institutes, the SaaS model thus happens to be a big help for them because they offer them a healthcare facility database management system to possess all of the data stored in one location.

SaaS means Software Like A Service. It is also understood to be software that’s owned, delivered, and managed remotely by a number of providers. The seller delivers its clients having a hospital software that is dependent on some common code and knowledge definitions that are ingested in a 1-to-many model by all contracted customers and they’ve to pay for-for-use basis or they are able to get like a subscription-according to use metrics.

In simple words, We are able to explain it as being a regular membership-based type of software that companies use for licensing and delivery. In healthcare industries, SaaS can offer numerous benefits because the industries might have multiple applications which makes the job much easy.

Benefits of SaaS in the Healthcare Industry

health industry

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There are various benefits that SaaS offers to healthcare industries. Some of them are:


Traditional Healthcare technology is a bit costly because the health industry has to cope with sensitive information. So, the healthcare institutions cannot compromise on efficient features just with regard to saving just a little money to allow them to use the hospital keeper. However, with the aid of SaaS, healthcare institutes have an economical solution because they do not have to deal with any:

  • Maintenance costs of the hospital software
  • Set up investment as heavy hardware set up is not required
  • Upgradation costs of the hospital management software
  • Heavy initial investments


With the aid of SaaS applications, all health organizations have access to multiple security measures to secure patient data by utilizing the hospital database keeper. Also, for medical institutes, there are many compliances and standards like HIPAA, which need to be ensured through the health industry to help keep private health information and sensitive data safe.


SaaS applications for that health industry are highly scalable because they are usually cloud-based. Hence, it normally won’t need to bother about scalability as they possibly can rapidly scale their applications up or lower, which depends upon their business’ growth.


Probably the most significant advantage of SaaS applications is they share with the clients is their regular backups. With the aid of on-site data servers, the medical institute accounts for all backups and could be underneath the constant chance of losing all of their sensitive data in a situation their servers crash. However, this can not occur with SaaS applications as all of the software continuously supports all data. So, in most cases or with any difficulty, all medical data can be simply retrieved.

Real-Time Updates:

With the aid of SaaS applications, healthcare institutes can ensure they have accurate details about their sufferers or whatsoever occasion because it facilitates real-time updates. This means should there be different specialists involved with a patient’s situation they can collaborate on his records and share regular updates. Every specialist may have the most recent updated information from the patient, that will further help both patient and specialist.


With the aid of SaaS applications, all of the approved users have access to their information everywhere which too anytime. Ease of access is every bit essential as all of the doctors can talk to one another regarding a patient’s situation using their locations. With the aid of the Electronic health record software, patients and doctors can communicate easily without having to worry about being able to access the most recent records

Checklist for HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is among the most important facets of healthcare industries that use any electronic medium to switch their patients’ private healthcare information which includes SaaS. However, the majority of the healthcare institutes frequently neglect to adhere to HIPAA, which leads to hefty fines, and often they get closed too.

Following are four points that the medical industry must bear in mind while making certain HIPAA compliance for his or her SaaS platform:

Healthcare Industries should find All Applications Which Contain Private Health Information.

Many healthcare organizations buy or implement new software within their organizations without talking to their IT department or other healthcare talking to company. The Healthcare industry is an extremely sensitive sector with private data and the implementation of unauthorized IT applications may have a negative effect on your company. Many healthcare departments use SaaS applications that contain digitally protected health information (ePHI). The Medical industry should first discover these kinds of applications utilized in their healthcare organization and be sure that they’re HIPAA compliant.

The medical industry needs to make sure that any SaaS application utilized in their institute is HIPAA compliant to keep patient data security and privacy.

It Review All Contracts

Most of the SaaS applications utilized by the healthcare industries today don’t fit to conform using the HIPPA standards. Therefore, the healthcare organizations before transferring their system entirely towards the SaaS solutions should make sure that they’re going through all contracts correctly to make sure HIPPA compliance.

The Medical industry must have signed the HIPPA-compliant Business Affiliate Agreement (BAA) or contract. The HIPPA BAA is principally accountable for:

  • Setting uses of electronically protected health information
  • Setting disclosures of electronically protected health information
  • Ensuring the security of all healthcare information of the patients

The health industry also needs to feel the breach notification obligations and emergency clauses from the contracts so the industry doesn’t leave any loopholes unwatched concerning HIPPA compliance.

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